LTD and CPP disability overpayment

My husband has been receiving LTD from Manulife. He recently was approved for CPP disability. Service Canada calculated an overpayment by Manulife that has to be paid back. They sent the money to us instead of them paying Manulife back directly and said we need to pay back Manulife. No problem. But the Cpp disability calculation includes the disability benefit for my husband and the disability benefit for our child. Service Canada say we don’t need to pay the insurance company the child benefit portion as it is meant for our child. Manulife says his policy offset says he owes his benefit and the child benefit. The manulife employee says that there is a form they could have sent to service Canada with the cpp application that would mean cpp pays manulife directly and only includes his benefits. Irrevocable consent? But they didn’t send it because the policy says it’s his benefit and the child benefit that gets paid back. He knew nothing of this form. Is this worth pursuing or is it cut and dry?

I doubt the child benefit is Manulife’s.
Can you get a summary of the benefits from work?
It should tell what they can offset.
I would contact Resolute and get a free consult with a lawyer:
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Regardless of which insurer you are dealing with all of the fine print is included in your benefits booklet which your employer or union can give you if you don’t have it. I deal with one of the big 3 insurance companies and mine says:
‘The amount of disability benefit payable to you is the Benefit Amount reduced by…
-Canada Pension Plan excluding dependent benefits’
HOWEVER, the next clause states
‘If necessary, the amount of your benefit will be further reduced so that your total income from all sources does not exceed a 75% of your pre-disability…All sources include those sources stated above and any benefit you are entitled to receive from;
-Canada Pension Plan dependent benefits’

So there you go, you have to read your policy in detail because the fine print is the fine print and the insurer writes these in a way they get the maximum funds returned to them.