LTDI - Initial interview

Hey guys,

What was your experience with the initial interview that you had with your case manager, type of questions asked, expectations or what questions should i be asking. Appreciate if you could share.

Thank you!

If it is a phone interview, they will gather information about your illness but mostly they will be interested in your limitations. They are NOT your friend. They are recording the phone call and writing everything down. One slip up could cost you. Take your time and PAUSE before you answer each question. Speak very slowly. Everytime they are done asking a question, say to yourself “5 mississippi… 4 mississippi…” … count 5 of them before you answer. If the case manager goes “Hello??? are you there?” say “Yes, I just think slowly. Please bear with me”. If you don’t feel comfortable answering something, say “I don’t know”. If they ask you a question like “How long can you sit at one time?” say “I don’t know”… because you don’t know… you’ve never timed yourself sitting. Also, it varies by day. And the type of chair. And how hot it is out. How long can you sit in a lazy-boy recliner in an air conditioned room vs hot long can you sit in a wood stool in 30 degree heat?? GET IT??? They try to trick you. Just say I DONT KNOW or my other favourite “I am not a doctor”. If the phone call is too stressful, tell them “Sorry I am having an anxiety attack I need to discontinue this call” and then tell them in the future to only write you via mail or email. Honestly don’t play their games.

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