Claim specialist insisting introduction to be done via call

My dad is applying for LTD. I have read quite a bit from this forum learning that communicating via writing is much better and less stressful. The specialist wanted to schedule a introduction call but we sent an email requesting that all communication be done via writing (email or postal mail). She is insisting that the introduction has to be done via a phone call and afterwards everything will be done through emails. We really don’t want to have even one phone call from them. What should I do? It doesn’t make sense to have to hace an intro phone call when everything else is via email.

I didn’t find phone more difficult. It probably depends on what your father’s issues are. After each call I immediately emailed myself notes about who called and what was said - that gave it a timestamp. It turned out my claims manager wasn’t keeping records so mine was the only record which was useful.

Do you think it is just as good to send yourself notes than sending note to claims adjuster to confirm conversation? I feel like they might deny what they or recall it differently then becomes you vs them? Do they not record your calls? They only told me first time so Im not sure if it is happening always. I want to send them email notes but and worried it will rock the boat and they will be more on top of me. Is that why you sent to yourself Caro?

I would email a brief note confirming something that they have agreed to do or that you are waiting for them to do, but I wouldn’t want a detailed written statement of everything said in the file. My thinking was that they are overworked and probably not that diligent in producing written reports about everything said. I was also not really capable of doing careful written responses I was too unwell. In the end I was correct about that, my case manager hadn’t even noted that there was a phone call. I wanted a complete contemporaneous (made at the same time when memory was fresh) record for myself personally that I could use to counter mistakes in their record if needed, but could also keep private for just me and my future lawyer unless I wanted to share. Basically I was just trying to appear honest and helpful on the phone while keeping enough backup in case things went sideways and I turned out to have one of the shady case managers which I didn’t. It’s very hard for a new claim manager who takes over your file to contradict a statement when you are the only person with a record of what was said.

Thanks Caro. I feel like they will be more hard on me for asking communication through email only. I will just ask for important confirmation through email and keep my notes like I have been.

I recommend doing the call. You want to get off on the right foot and show you are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Then you can take it from there. It is hard to do communications by email.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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With all due respect to the expert, I disagree. I can’t handle phone calls. I get triggered and spend the next 2 days dysregulated. It depends on what your disability is. If you have a stress disorder and can’t manage a phone call, you don’t have to have one.

Mine insisted the first call be done by phone before they could decide to deny or approve the initial LTD.