Ltd yearly review

ltd yearly review
last year Jan received a letter that indicates a change in the definition of disability. Since I did not hear from them.
I have been on disability since July 2020. How often can I expect a review from them now or in July when it is their anniversary?
Can somebody share what it looks like?
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It depends in part on if there is a chance of getting better or treatment that’s expected to be complete like chemo for cancer. If so then expect a request every few months.

If you are unlikely to improve then expect an annual form. It’s pretty straightforward, I just look at the last form I sent in and copy it over and update anything that changed.


@Caro summed it up nicely.

I will just add, that if you have been approved for CPP disability, there’s a much less likely chance they will bother you. Since I have been on CPP disability I only get sent a letter once a year. It’s just a one page form asking me to confirm I am still disabled and not working (basically a “are you still alive?” letter) that I need my doctor to sign.

One other thing - since covid started, like all places, the LTD companies are totally swamped and backlogged in work and don’t have enough employees to deal with it. This kind of works in our favour because we don’t want to hear from them :slight_smile: I have tried to get in touch a couple of times with my LTD company with some questions I had and literally got no response. I just gave up. As long as the cheques keep coming what do I care. I am coming up on year 5 and every year I feel a bit better, but I don’t think I’ll ever let my guard down.

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I got my “your next payment will be adjusted to reflect your your cost of living increase” but I still haven’t received my “are you still alive?” form. :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand the staffing shortages.
Presumably they can work from home and not deal in person with the public.

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You mention the cost of living has been increasing, is this increase with CPPD which I incited on my next pay?

How about LTD insurance? Do they increase the cost of leaving or not? Is there any experience?

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In the letter I received the indexation rate is set to increase by 3% for 2023 as rules of the plan do not permit to exceed 3%.
Not sure it applies to all LTD providers though

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Which is insurance company is that, and where and under what I could check it.
Thank you

Cost of living adjustments (COLA) or inflation increases are an option available for purchase when an LTD plan is set up. You will need to check your own plan to see if you have a COLA/inflation feature.

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I have two thoughts on it - retention and training. From what I understand, these jobs (Disability Case Manager) are very very high stress and not exactly fun jobs. They also don’t seem to pay much and are pretty entry-level. The “good” case managers (the ones who excel at their job) probably have skills that translate well to other higher paying jobs and flee the first chance they can get. Meanwhile, it’s hard to replace those folks because training a new case manager is quite arduous and it can’t really be done in a WFH environment. In fact, I don’t know how you train someone when everyone is WFH. I guess over zoom? Sounds not-so-practical to me. Glad I don’t need to work in that kind of environment anymore!

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Depends on your plan.
Some do and some don’t.
Mine is capped at 2% though.

That I believe.
Mine seem to disappear.

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Mine is capped at 3% I guess.

I got the "we will still pay you* but no “are you still alive form” yet.