LTD Terminated after 2,5 years

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Will LTD cut you off as soon as you told them that you are planning back to work? Should you appeal?


Are you going back to work full time or Is it part of a return to work plan that your doctor made?

The first sounds like you ended your disability claim.
I did the first and went to work for a few weeks and then went back on disability and my claim was reinstated.
If you’re being paid by work then why would you need to appeal the disability claim?
I would get a free consult and explain your situation.
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Hi Jammer, thank you for answering my question.

I am going back to work as part of return to work plan. Starting with 2 hours/day 3 days a week (for 2 weeks) then follow up with my doctor. I will start in 11 weeks so I could prepare and plan.

I just got confused (English is my second language) as my case manager told me that I could go back to work and see within 6 months if it fails, I could back to LTD under “recurrence” and she said can be up 2 years to appeal. When she emailed me with the letter stated that my claim now is closed and it said that if I disagree with the decision, I could appeal within 2 months after receive that letter. Its also said they wont reconsidering my appeal after 1 year.

I’m confused if should I appeal now as I only have 2 months to appeal.
What happens if I failed in the first week of my return to work program, will I miss my right to appeal?? I just don’t want to miss the windows for appeal but at same time I don’t know if I will be successful or not as I am not back to work yet.

I would be confused too, it seems like they said two things.
I don’t know how return to work works.
It sounds like you have 6 months to go back on LTD but it also says you have 2 months to appeal.
I would definitely get the free consult with a lawyer.
Maybe @David_Brannen will chime in. :slight_smile:

Thank you for pointing out some important parts. After re read multiple times of the letter, I did not see in the letter everything what she has told me in our phone conversation.
I emailed her today. I requested her for an explanation and a copy of my policy.

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