LTD Rehabilitation Consultant, Disability Intervention Services

I am off work due to extreme stress/anxiety. I have 2 critically ill children that are waiting for bone marrow transplants. My insurance company knows that my children are ill (Dr wrote this on the original claim forms)

I have recently been approved for LTD (barely). I had an hour long phone meeting that they setup
with a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with ADD. His treatment plan was to take anti-depressants. I went to my family Dr, to discuss this plan, and we both agreed that drugs was not a good option for me and to get counselling first. My case worker was good with this and said someone would contact me to arrange counselling.

In the meantime, I recently got an email from a Rehab Consultant. They want a phone meeting with me to discuss a treatment plan.They also want a list of the medications that I am on, AND a list of all of my kid’s upcoming medical appointments.

My question is why do they want my kid’s medical appointments and do I have to provide this?

I would. I will send a longer answer this evening.

I look forward to it.
I would have said no. :slight_smile:

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I am so sorry for you and your family. Prayers are sent.

It is best to be cooperative with their requests.

Since the consultant should be aware that your Doctor and you felt that medication was not a good option at this time it strikes me odd that you would be requested to provide a list of meds?

If you are not on any meds right now I would respond that after consulting with your Doctor that medication is not the right option to try first. If it is because of potential side effects of meds complicating your recovery–or whatever the reasons, I would summarize that.

As for requesting your childrens medical appointment times seems odd, I would include.
It is ok for you to include that you find that request upsetting.

When you speak to the rehab make sure you focus on your symptoms, fatigue, insomnia , inability to concentrate…

They may at some point try to suggest that you could work but are off to care for your critically ill children.

Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are legitimate reasons to be on claim–no matter the situation. If they ask too many questions about your children-anytime you find it uncomfortable or upsetting, let them know. Your rehab should be about strategies to help you.

Being cooperative is part of your obligation. Insurers love to write down in a file that you refused to do/try something.

They could just want to know the appointments for kind reasons–just if anything makes you uncomfortable you should let them politely know–and in writing if possible.

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Do you think the insurance company would use that so they know when to spy?
I’m cynical and paranoid sometimes.

I would tell the insurance company that it makes you uncomfortable to give that information and then ask why they want it.

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Absolutely could. Though it is costly for surveillance. Often after an appointment because you are out and dressed you may make extra errands. They love to catch that.

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Thank you for everyone’s suggestions. I had an hour long phone meeting booked with the consultant but he didn’t call me at the agreed upon time! So frustrating…

I will be asking why they need my kid’s appointments and go from there.

I forgot to mention that we had to sell our home and temporarily move to be closer to the children’s hospital in a different city. Our transplant team told us we had to be within 20 minutes from the hospital. We could not afford the mortgage and a rental at the same time.

Will being in a different city, for an unknown amount of time, have any bearing on my case?

It might make it harder to do a return-to-work.
Some things the insurance company might think of:
How far away is the city you live from work (rhetorical).
Was the work (or accommodated) you did such that you could do it remotely (rhetorical).

Try not to worry, you have more than enough on your plate.
I hope your children get the bone marrow.

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