LTD just I need to provide employer with doctor letter?

My LTD just got approved though it’s only for a few months and then they will re-assess. The last doctor’s note I submitted to my employer indicated a return to work at the beginning of January though in the LTD form my doctor wrote that return to work date is unknown (my doc will only write letters to my employer indicating inability to work for 1 month at a time). Do I need to submit to my employer another doctor’s note with another expected return to work date on it, or do I just let my insurer give my employer updates? Thanks in advance

Your work and your LTD claim are separate things. Communicate with your employer to keep things on a positive basis. Yes they will probably need an updated letter from your doctor. Ask your doctor what they think your return to work will look like and if they think you will need a graduated return to work.

Also has your doctor explained to you why they are only doing one month at a time? Unless you are at a large employer I would mention that you are worried about annoying your boss with the perpetually shifting timelines.

Thanks Caro. I believe the reason for the RTW dates being updated one month at a time is because my doctor was not as supportive as I hoped and I have only managed to get an extension each time after submitting supporting letters from other practitioners.

Caro is correct the relationships between employer and insurer are different. The insurer will give notice to your employer that you got approved for LTD. So likely employer will back off while you are on approved LTD. That way you can focus on just getting the doctor to give updates to insurer to make it easier. But if your LTD gets denied, then you have to go back to having your doctor give notes to the employer again.

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