Ltd and working 2 jobs

My situation is that I have 2 jobs. One very physical and one sedentary.
I am not able to work my physical job anymore. New diagnosis of MS. So I am on Ltd for that job but continue to work my sedentary job.
Ltd says they will cover me for 2 years because I could not perform my current job.
However they say that because I have another job I could be retrained after 2 years.
Is this with the same company? Can they expect anything. My physical job required a very long commute and a ton of walking.
Not sure how I fit in to this category.

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I doubt the insurance company will retrain you, just cut you off.
If you worked full time at the sedentary job, would that support you?
Could you even work full time at any job given your diagnosis?

Go to the MS website:

Read about applying for CPP-D.

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After two years the analysis will be on whether you are capable of performing β€œany” employment with any employer. They type of work and how much you are capable of earning (as compared to your old work) are all factors to be considered but it can be very nuanced and there are not general rules that apply to everyone. I recommend you have a disability lawyer look things over if they give you notice your benefits will end at the 2 year mark.

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