Letter from insurance

Just received a letter from insurance company saying my disability benefits has been accepted beyond the 24 months decision point i hope this is good news as even after my operation my doctor say im not fit for any employment


That is good news.
2 years is probably the change in definition to “any” job.

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I sincerely hope it works out for you. I was approved as well but 6 months later they cut me off. I appealed the decision and included letters from both my GP and Specialist vehemently opposed to their decision but they didnt care and remained solid in their decision. I used but before I could conclude the litigation my employer terminated my employment using the “frustrated contract” clause. All I could sue for now was a lump sum payout - which I won. Still considering whether to sue employer. They said that even tho I felt I medically was unable to return they were terminating me. Ugh.

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I would sue em. I cannot stand those types of people.