Issues with Oncidium Vaughan

Has anyone had issues with dealing with Oncidium at the Vaughan Steeles Ave West office? Has anyone had a bad experience with their doctors creating medical reports for their clients with mistruths? Has anyone ever been sent for evaluation and found behaviour to be unethical and reports to give an inaccurate assessment. Did anyone have to take time off work with resultant loss of salary due to the reports stating " therapy needed"

im hoping others may have had similar experiences and perhaps legal action can be taken

Look up the doctors on
See what comes from that.
I’ve never dealt with them bit a similar company odyssey woth a psychiatrist who has been up on professional misconduct charges. Their aims are ridiculous and if they were true about being able to peoples pain then doctors would have clients knocking down their doors. Contact the ombudsman for your insurance company. Get your family doctor on board and up to speed on how you feel about this. They work for the insurance company …often in their back pockets. Your doctors can put a stop to it. Mine did.

Hi Kelly thanks for responding.

I actually looked up at the 2 doctors on rate my doctor that Oncidium sent me to. They described him as being a shill for the corporate/ govt clients, having no ethics,.being the subject of a complaint before the Royal College of Physicians etc. Unfortunately my personal physician has a different opinion and actually refers patients to him.

In my particular case it’s not the external insurance provider Sunlife who is the problem.

The problem is with my previous employe and Oncidium. Oncidium provided the doctors to write the medical report regarding " fitness to work" which were a collusion with employer. After over 2 years of stress I retired early at a reduced pension rather than attempting to return to a toxic situation at work under their conditions.

When I saw the 1st occupational physician he immediately referred me to the psychiatrist who wrote the report which gave my employer leverage. I initially was led to believe it was the discretion of however now believe was preordained in order for the employer to get leverage.

If you are familiar with what happened/ happens in totalitarian countries they will take a healthy individual who complains about the system and put him/ her in a psychiatric hospital as punishment or in my case send me to a psychiatrist to compose a distorted assessment and prescribe unnecessary medications .

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