Insurance claims and money owed / won

If one were to win a substantial amount in a lottery could the insurance company make claim against it? Also wanted to know about vacation pay, I am still considered an employee with my company, have a claim for disability that is being litigated (they want to have a settlement meeting) and I’m still owed approximately 5.5 months of vacation. Can the insurance company reduce payments or make claim against that? This was all earned prior to going on disability.

Only if you owed your Insurer money. If you win any money it is not offset by your Insurer–they still have to pay you!

As for your vacation pay–I would remain silent on that and hope the settlement goes though.

I have yet to receive anything from the insurance company to date, however the lawyer representing me sent me a letter about a month ago indicating that there will be a settlement meeting in February and that I need to attend. I’m not sure what to expect at this point but by what I’ve read here I fully expect to be given a low ball offer which I will decline as I am told I have an iron clad case. The issue is that I’ve had to dip deeply into savings over the last year in order to support myself. I don’t want to go into it giving them the sense that I’m financially desperate but I don’t know how much longer I can continue without income coming in.

This is a hard one because you also want them to know how much peace of mind you have lost by not having the disability claim paid and the claim assessed in a timely period.

Just keep going–watch Stephen Kings the Mist!! You don’t want to ever give in when there is hope.