Independent legal Advice Certificate?


Independent legal Advice Certificate is a priced service that Resolute Legal offers.
What is that?


Independent Legal Advice is a common legal service that is required before concluding an agreement that involves some degree of conflict of interest or self-representation. You see this in all areas of law and business.

In the disability insurance world, this comes into play if a self-represented person wants to do a settlement with an insurance company. The most common situation is when the insurance company offers a person a lump-sum buyout of the insurance policy. The insurance company won’t finalize the deal until the person gets “independent legal advice”. They do this to show that you were fully informed before accepting the proposed deal. So a person would come to us with a proposed deal and we would provide independent legal advice on the pros and cons of the prosed deal. This is like giving an opinion only and not full representation.

It is a certificate in the sense that we sign a certificate indicating that we provided the person with independent legal advice on the proposed deal.