Ideas for new goal in life

My goal when I worked was to save enough money to retire and travel.
Thinking about it now, I don’t think that was very useful but I never thought about it while I was working.
Now that I’m on disability, I don’t have the $ to travel and I’m not healthy enough to travel.

I’m looking for a new goal in life.
What do you do?

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Many Universities have free online courses if you wanted to look up. Google audit courses for free. ie

Get a pet and if you are on borrowed time adopt an older pet that needs you.

Go onto youtube and seek out free audio books, Ted Talks or motivational clips.

Seek out support groups or volunteer opportunities. Paint, write a book, start a blog.

Try a new food or recipe each week. Start a daily to do list.

Look for new friends who are also going through similar life changes. Get a library card.

Enter online contests. I have won 11 trips, new appliances, tv’s gift cards…it is gambling for free-the cost is your time.