I Won my Tribunal

I won my Tribunal thanks to ResoluteLegal and I’m still in the 90 day hold cycle of things. My question is I will be eligible for my work pension which is a level income pension and I will be 55. Will they deduct any of the cpp disability money from my work levelling income pension?

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It depends on what your LTD policy says. But one thing to be careful of, some policies terminate payments when you ‘retire’. If your policy is one of them then you may not want to take your pension now.

This will be my work pension. I’ve worked there for many year. The are a few choices so I’ll have to choose wisely and ask lots of questions.

With Level Income Pensions, they usually take into account CPP-Retirement. I am not certain if they would take into account CPP-Disability. Level income plans allow people to take early pension, but your work pension amount would normally drop to account for your CPP retirement payment at age 60 or 65.

I would recommend reaching out directly to the Pension Plan Administrator (not your employer) get get answers. You will get annual statements from the administrator and there is contact information on there. Or if you want us to reach out to them for you, just send in the most recent annual pension statement to your case manager at Resolute Legal and we can find out for you.

I also may be worth getting a consultation with a pension expert to see what makes the most financial sense and what you would be giving up if you take the levelling option. That might be something we can arrange for you at no cost.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Thank you for answering my question. I will reach out to my pension plan administrator and ask the questions and see where it takes me.

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With regards to the pension, you would have to look into the plan details to see.

There are hundreds of Pension Plans across Canada, some are ‘integrated’ with CPP, some are reduced, or coordinated, so it can not be determined with this info.

You can do an internet search, ‘Pension name’ and CPP, you will probably end up on a page by your provider and the answers will be there.

I am a CFP.

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Ok thank you very much. I’m still waiting for the pension package to arrive!

I was speaking to my pension plan administrator and she said that they won’t reduce any amounts but for me to get a hold of CPP Disability after I start receiving everything and they may reduce their amount.

You should do as they say, but I don’t see how it could ever affect your CPPD amount.

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Just a question about Service Canada. What happens if/when they go over the 90 days after you won your Tribunal? My 90 days is up soon and I have had no contact from them.

This usually means they are bogged down or it could mean something getting missed. If they were going to appeal, you would have heard about it before the 90 days.

What do you mean something getting missed? It’s the end of this month when the 90 days are up.

Service Canada is such a big organization that sometimes their employees will drop the ball or overlook things. They didn’t fill out the right form or didn’t put the payment request in etc. It is hard to say, but I can say that it doesn’t track the 90 days. So it isn’t a situation where the 90 days are up and they will immediately do something.

The best thing is to check the status using your My Service Canada login. Also call them directly yourself as the claimant. That is the most effective.

I have checked My Service Canada and there has been nothing. I will call. Thanks

My Pension is a Public Service Pension and has a Bridge Benefit. Will CPP Disability reduce any of their money?