How much contact from insurer is normal after 5 yrs?


Anyone out there been on LTD over 5 years? If so, are they sending you requests every 6 months for forms completion by you and your docs? What would be grounds for cutting someone’s benefits after several years (backed up by docs) on LTD?


It’s been two years since I am on LTD. My case manager stopped contacting me. She just sends requests to my treating physician every 6 month or so.

  1. Disability has improved that you could earn a gainful income as per your LTD policy’s definition.

Really Ouida don’t stress about being cut off. The only time you should get your guard up is if they are out of the blue asking for activity forms, want you go for an IME, want you to see one of their chosen treatment providers.


I am stressed yes thanks Ally, that helps. :slight_smile:


I have been off for almost five years and they seem to stop contacting me except for the up coming IME. Every six months they send forms to my psychologist to complete. I chose to see the psychologist on my own. I pay him. No reimbursements.
I should point out I keep them informed by letter on a regular basis as to my treatments, programs I am attending etc.


I don’t think it matters.
They need a court order to get psychologist reports anyway.
If it goes to court, you can’t hide the fact that you’re seeing one.
I’m not a lawyer but I did ask my social worker all sorts of privacy questions before I said anything.


Do they ask for clinical notes and tests? Mine did and no specific questions. I thought that was weird, the doc just sent a detailed letter instead. She stated that is what she normally does.


Based on my experience and what I know insurance companies are in business to make money. They are not interested in helping you. They will ask for clinical notes etc because they can. They know they probably will not get it but they still ask.


They used to ask for clinical notes and my doctor would send them to the insurance company. But then suddenly my treating phisician said that she wouldn’t send clinical notes any more. Instead she would just respond to any questions that they have.


How did that go over with the insurer?


They didn’t seem to argue. They just sent some questions to my doctor to answer.


Yes they were sending me forms for a long while unfortunatly…Yes every six months was normal…Sometimes they would just send a form for me to fill out and no doctor one.I’m on 10 yrs now and haven’t seen one in over shouldn’t say this in over 16 months now Knock on wood…I’m sure it has to do with what the doc writes on form ,example were return to work he/she puts unknown…Always keep up with doctors because they get ya hen you feel safe Just stay prepared …There business is getting you off there pay role…G.L


Thank you for your perspective. The thing I was confused about was they had asked for an update from me via forms last year. Once received, the sent a note stating they will be in touch yearly. Then started contacting me every 6 months.


Do they still call you every five weeks and interrogate you? They are doing that to me now.


My case manager stopped calling me. She just sends requests for updates to my treating physician every several months.