Has anyone with CPPD actually moved abroad?

I know from @David_Brannen’s pages that you can move abroad whilst claiming CPPD – but I’m interested to hear if anyone has done this?

My concern is how a reassessment would be handled and the logistics of trying to get supporting information from a doctor in a third world country!

I’m 48 and documented as being permanently disabled if that helps frame things.

I doubt many people have moved outside Canada.
What I would do is if you have a doctor in Canada that knows your condition and can be relied on, have them respond for you.

I’ve considered moving outside of Canada and this was never a concern for me. It’s not something I would worry about. I think reassessments are rare and I would deal with it when the time comes. Absolute worst case scenario you may need to fly back home and see a doctor and pay for it privately. But there is no reason why CPP wouldn’t accept doctors reports from outside of Canada. Almost every country, even 3rd world countries, have good medical care available for reasonable costs. In fact some nations like Cuba have much better care than Canada does at way more affordable costs. Same with Mexico. Lots of US board certified doctors choose to practice in Mexico because they can actually make more money with less regulations and red tape, like bariatric surgeons etc.

I have known people who have done this. The critical thing is – just as you have stated – you need to have a clear line of communication with Service Canada. You have to be able to get their mail and respond to them quickly if needed. You would need to have a doctor wherever you are going, or be continually monitored by your doctor in Canada.

Your duty to prove ongoing disability doesn’t change just because you move. Service Canada doesn’t always ask for ongoing proof but you have to be ready to be able to give it. You can’t have any possibility of falling off your treatment plan just because you move abroad.

Where I have seen people get into problems is 1) when they don’t set up clear communications and therefore miss important letters from Service Canada or 2) they start working on the side the other country and Service Canada finds out. They can’t monitor your work as easily when you are out of Canada , so the are more likely to act harshly if they find out a claimant is working.

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