Finally got on maintenance and it feels good

I have been on LTD for 4 years and my LTD disclosed to me that I am now on “maintenance” and I will only be contacted by them once per year from this point out for annual updates. No more monthly check-ins! It was a nice surprise to hear and I haven’t felt that much stress release in a while. Just wanted to share because it has been such a long journey. I think what clinched it for me was getting approved for CPP disability. They have left me alone since that happened. I hope the best for all of you and anyone struggling with their LTD company just keep your chin up and keep on fighting because eventually you will win and they will leave you alone!


Congratulations. Exact same thing happened for me. The constant check-ins were causing me more issues. After I got CPPD they all bit stopped. I hear from them yearly now.

That is great news. After 5 years and after getting CPPD I was transferred to the long duration team (maybe the same thing as maintenance but not sure).
The did not explicitly tell me that I would only be required to do annual check ins. One year later and I have only had to do 1 annual check in so i hope that’s the case for me too.