EI sick benefits and retroactive LTD payment

I just filed my taxed with a lump sum payment and the special form that breaks it down over the years it was to cover. I’m wondering how this will affect the EI sick benefit I received 3 years ago while waiting for my claim to be approved? For instance, the first year, the insurance company allotted roughly $3500 and I was paid just over $3000 in EI but the EI was only for 7 weeks whereas my original LTD application that was denied would have covered 4 months of that year. I assume that means they would break down the LTD to a weekly amount and I would not have to pay the full EI back if my LTD was not the same amount. Is that right? Who should I speak with to make sure I’m not overpaying any repayment?

Does your LTD kick in right away? My company’s was set up so that the EI sick benefits and the LTD benefits didn’t overlap. I got EI during the 4 month waiting period, then the LTD kicked in.

I never actually got LTD. I got a lump sum payment and they issued me a T4 with a retroactive payment as “group wage loss replacement plan”. They did the special breakdown form and applied about $3500 to the first year.

If I had got LTD it would have started end of August, but I was denied. I didn’t apply for EI sick benefits until November of that year. So I’m wondering if the $3500 would be counted as coverage for September-December at $875 a month so that I only have to pay back EI for November and December at $1750. Or do they just take the whole amount for the year that I received in LTD?

There were no specific dates identified in the settlement agreement, just lump sums per year. I’m thinking I should have filed my taxes to have the whole lump sum applied to 2019 only since my tax amount would be less than paying back all the EI.

As you can probably imagine, four years later and I’m still trying to figure out how to get out from under all the debt I incurred while waiting for this to be settled. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

If you had been approved for LTD at the time you applied what was the dollar amount you would have received?
I broke my lump sum into weekly amounts by the insurer’s payment cycle and compared it (on a spreadsheet) to the weekly payment cycle of EI. I think I even broke it down to daily because I like things super simple.
I sent in a letter to EI with the calculations, EI sent a confirmation form to my (former) employer and insurer to confirm dates and it took a few months. They confirmed the amount I needed to repay. I could have made payment arrangements if need be as well.