Duration of claim

My insurance company tells me I can only collect disability payment or two years.
As I read my booklet supplied by my employer it states I can collect until I reach the age of 65. Manulife is my insurer, witch answer is correct.

Typically you must be disabled from your own occupation for two years, then the definition typically switches to disabled from any occupation.
Read the section on getting a copy of the master policy from your employer and/or Insurer to understand what your plan covers.
It is also possible that your illness and condition has a two year clause.

You were likely mislead. We see this often. While the each policy has a unique “benefit period”. A “to age 65” benefit period is very common. In over a decade I have seen a 2 year benefit period exactly once. So I expect you are being lead to believe your benefit period is only 2 years. You still have to prove disability but don’t give up your rights.

I’ve seen employers tell their employees the employer doesn’t have to let the employee come back to work after the employee has been off over the two year mark but this is depending on how long you’ve been with the employer. This is legal too, it is in WCB’s policies here in NS. This could have been what your employer meant. After you are off for 2-years their not bound by any rules to bring you back. My neighbour was faced with this, his employer warned him near the 2-year mark so the employee decided to go back to work instead of continuing the fight for disability benefits like he had for the last 2-years.

Tammy, you raise a good point but that only applies in the case of workers compensation. Those rules would not apply in situations where the person made a disability claim involving an insurance company (as opposed to workers compensation).