I would like to know if it is legal to decrease the CFSA before 65 when the additional bridge amount is added? My husband is totally disabled since age 45 and his CPP disability pension is causing his CFSA to be cut by around $400 hundred or more? We called the CFSA office and they said we had to go through the Privacy Act for his pension records?? There is no description on his statements and no online access? Sounds sketchy to me, all information welcome, thanks.

Hi Lethalpen,

I am in receipt of CFSA and my pension was decreased when I started to receive CPPD. It is written in the Act that CPPD is an offset once in receipt of it. I don’t like it either but, you need to change the Act if you don’t want CPPD to be an offset.


I don’t know anything about this but it sounds like Canadian Forces?
Do you know how to search the forums? I think there are other posts on this topic that might be useful to read.

I understand however it seems unfair that the CFSA gets reduced early when you are disabled because when you claim regular CPP later you get an offset amount from the Gov? It should be given early if the deduction starts early.

I personally believe that it is fair. The legislation allows this. We signed up for this pension plan. Let’s not forget that people who take their CPP early are penalized with with a lifetime reduction to their CPP. With CPPD the years your are collecting it don’t count towards your CPP calculation. Therefore, in my opinion, it balances out and is fair. If members of the Forces (I was), RCMP or public servants don’t want CPP as an offset then pressure the government to change the plan but, accept the increase in contributions to balance out the plan.