What happens when you exhaust all avenues with CPPD

. I have been off work since January 1st this year, I’ve have applied for CCPD last month and turn 60 years July 2nd . If I get turned down on my CPPD and exhaust all avenues by the end of the year, can I invoke reg. CCP back to age 60 ?

If you do apply for a disability benefit and are denied, you will be offered the option to have your disability application used as an application for an early retirement pension. Since the disability adjudication process normally takes several months, this means that your early retirement pension would effectively be paid retroactively.

I am not positive but I think if you apply for cpp early pension to get the money now and then get approved for cpp-d-you end up getting stuck with a reduced amount at 65-not 100% sure on that.

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Once your CPP-D Application and appeals are underway, you can apply for CPP-R in the meantime. If your CPP-D later gets awarded, the retroactive CPP-D payment will be paid to re-fund your CPP-R payments made. CPP-R would stop and you get the ongoing CPP-D payments to age 65. You should never give up on you CPP-D claim. CPP-D is a much higher payment than CPP-R and can result in you getting a higher CPP-R because you don’t draw the CPP-R until age 65 and you will get more years of contributions while on CPP-D.

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Hi Everyone. Thank you, that is the answer I was hoping for.

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Hi Lori could you please check on that with David if you apply for cpp early pension to get the money now and then get approved for cpp-d-you end up getting stuck with a reduced amount at 65-not 100%


If you apply for CPP Disability benefits at the same time you apply for CPP early retirement benefits,If you are found disabled according to the legislative criteria - any disability benefits you receive would be reduced by any early retirement benefits that you had had taken.
You can only collect one benefit at a time-so if you get CPP disability then I believe that cancels out early retirement and you at 65 would get the full CPP retirement.
That makes the most sense.
Call Service Canada at ask-call multiple times to see if you get the same answer

It would not make sense or fairness if you got stuck with a reduced CPP pension? But I am not 100% positive

David’s answer above confirms that you would not be stuck with a reduced cpp at 65 if you were approved for CPP-D

Sorry to muck you up:wink:

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Receiving CPP-D does’t not result in a reduced CPP-R pension. It is exactly the opposite.

Thank-you for your reply. I understand. I have applied first for CPPD after that process was started and I received confirmation , I then applied for CPPR.

I will continue to wait on CPPD.


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