Cpp disability benefit when in receipt of VAC ELB


Being in receipt of a military pension70%, long term disability (LTD) from Manulife (5%)and in receipt of VAC (Veterans Affairs) Earning Loss (15%)which in total 90 percent of what my military income was at time of release .

IF I do apply for cpp disability, I would financially be at a disadvantage Manulife LTD would cease, Veterans affairs would clawback an amount equal to the cpp disability amount I receive.

if I skip cpp disability, Manulife will cease but VAC would still top up my earnings to 90% and at 60 I could apply for the regular cpp benefit which would not have any impact or clawback since it is not a “disability benefit”

So It would be more financially viable for me to forego getting cpp disability in order to still be in receipt of the top up (Earning Loss Benefit) paid by VAC, considering that I will be turning 60 in less than 2 yrs…Does that make sense…


Hi, I know this is a cop out, but the SISIP rules for CPP / LTD / Pension integration are very complex and there is no simple answer to you question. I am planning to research this issue and publish a website article sometime in the future, but until then I have to pass on answering questions due to the complexity of the issue.