CPP-D & CERB Question

Quick question. I’m on CPP-D and have been working. I lost my pt job due to CONVID-19 and am wondering if I’m eligible for the CERB? I only earned $600/month but it was enough to keep me going. I didn’t reach the $5600 threshold yet. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.

I thought the minimum to get the CERB was $5k.
$600/month is $7200.
That is over the limit of cppd so as long as you have told Service Canada that you earn that much, I would apply for the CERB. If you haven’t told Service Canada about your earnings then I’d be hesitant to apply.

You would qualify for the CERB if your 2019 income taxes show earnings of $5,000 or more, or you can show you had $5000 or more in the 12 months leading up to the date of your CERB application.

Where people will run into problems is if the income isn’t showing up on their tax returns for whatever reason.

Ok…I am on a permanent CPP-D and earn around $5000 per year working a little part time job normally, so I qualify for CERB. I have only taken two monthly CERB payments totalling $4000. I know there are two more monthly CERB payments available for May and June, however applying for them would equal $8000…far over the $5800 max you can earn in 2020 on CPP-D. Im very confused about it all. I know the CERB is taxable and I will put it in my 2020 tax return next year…however I am REALLY needing that May and June CERB payment to get by as my part time job ended in early March when Covid19 restrictions happened. If I take the May and June CERB payments it pushes me over the maximum annually allowable earned by a CPP-D recipient… will I have to pay it back OR will CPP take away my monthly payment ($800!)?

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CERB is not employment income.

Does anyone know…
If you are claimed as an eligible dependant, or as a spouse by someone on their tax return for non refundable income tax credits that are income geared calculations, if by the dependant being claimed received CERB payments will surpass the income threshold used for these deductions on the 2020 tax year returns?

They told me at Service Canada that CERB is not going to affect CPP-D. Although CERB is taxable it is not an employment income. It’s just a benefit. You should be good getting those payments.

Hi there! My husband has been getting CPP Long term disability for 5 years, can he collect it ? and if not what will happen to him if he has been collecting it.

I don’t know all the details of your situation, but the situation describe is not one where a person would qualify for CERB. You had to be a worker as of March 15, 2020 to qualify for CERB. This rules out 99% of people getting CPP or LTD. In a situation like this the money would have to be paid back. We recommend anyone who thinks they got paid in error to contact Rev Canada to report. That way you are more likely to avoid fines and penalties.

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