Chronic Pain in New Brunswick

Hi. I had a car accident a few years ago. I’ve been in chronic pain since. Severe whiplash/head pain, sciatica nerve pain and migraines. I applied for CPP-D in May of this year and got denied. I immediately sent a reconsideration letter but no decision has been made.
How long does it take to get a decision in New Brunswick? Has anyone gotten approved for the benefits with chronic pain?

What was the reason for the denial?
That was a fast denial.
I heard 7 months now.
I’m sure covid19 makes everything take longer.
If your application has supporting medical documentation and meets the eligibility requirements then it’ll be approved.
Maybe get the free consult with Resolute:

In NB here. I had chronic pain and was approved in early April 2020 after applying in late November 2019. I followed advice here and submitted a comprehensive application referring to, and supported by, medical documentation of a cumulative affect of my illnesses together and how they impact my daily living.

We are seeing Reconsiderations in New Brunswick taking longer than normal because of the Pandemic. Normally you should have an answer in 2-3 months of filing your notice of appeal. When delays happen it can be for many reasons, including the CPP waiting on information form your doctors or employer. Or it can just be an overworked employee or simply someone dropping the ball.

If you haven’t heard back by 3 months give our support team a call and we review your options to get a decision from them.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Thank you for your response. I sent my reconsideration letter July 2nd so hopefully I hear soon.

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They said they recognize I can’t do my job I do now but I should be able to do something else part time.

Is the part time work plan supported by your medical doctors? Mine all wrote ‘at this time there is no rtw plan as she cannot perform the basic necessities of daily living tasks’ or something like that. A cycle of Chronic pain,depression, IBS, anxiety, stress, agoraphobia, sleep irregularities etc = all combined means I am unable to work at any job in the near future.