Change of definition date


I have been on LTD (approved) since Nov 2019 and have been notified in December 2020 that I will not be approved beyond the change of definition date (Nov 2021). I have a few questions that I am hoping some of you friendly folks can help answer (much appreciated in advance!)

  1. The letter provides a summary of findings and some details as it pertains to their decision. I guess that’s fine and all, but I don’t see an appeal option noted. If I feel that I cannot be employed in any other occupation, is it a matter of just responding to the letter with my doctor’s recommendations on why this is the case? I have also been asked to apply for CPP-D and have been given a date by which to do so. Is this allowed (i.e. to mandate it be done by X date?).

  2. If I feel vocational rehabilitation services would not be appropriate at this time, can one decline, if such has also been noted by the treating physician?

Thanks again.

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If you have supporting medical documentation as to why you cannot work then submit it to them. Re-read the letter for appeal instructions, it’s probably there (or it will be closer to the cut off date).
You may need to repeat this several times up to and beyond the change of definition date.

The insurance company plays all nice and usually wants to ‘help’ you with your application for CPP-D so they give you a deadline so they can begin to claw back your potential CPP-D pension if approved.

If it is your medical doctor’s opinion that you are not able to work at this time - do not ever say “I feel a return to work plan is not appropriate for me” it sounds to the insurance company that you just don’t want to go to work.
I’ve posted before about staying compliant, having regular medical appointments and ensuring that your side of the ‘contract’ is met. Good Luck!

You don’t have to apply but they can start deducting what the think you would get.
I think it will strengthen your claim to get CPP-D but you probably won’t get it before your COD (Change Of Definition).
Will the cut you off even if you apply for CPP-D or just reduce your payments by what they think you’ll get?

Your opinions don’t count, medical doctor’s do.