Canada life case worker 😡

So I’ve been having issues with my newest case worker with Canada life. He’s threatened me saying I’m not cooperating and I do answer him every time he calls. I prefer to speak via email cause he likes to change his story. He’s insisting I see a psychiatrist and I agreed. He told me any in person appts would be in Edmonton because it’s closest to me. He then emailed me with two dates and I chose one of the dates he then stated in the email that it would be a virtual appt.
When I received my appt from the company viewpoint it was an in person appt in Calgary. That’s an 8 hour drive for me and I don’t drive and need to arrange travel. I’ve tried calling my caseworker twice and left messages and I’ve also emailed twice with no response from him. Could I speak to a supervisor about this guy??? Or what else could I do?? I think he’s trying to prove a case of me not cooperating by being upset about the Calgary appt. thanks!

Yes, call and request a supervisor. Also advise them in writing by email that they have made an error booking your appointment in Calgary and to let you know when they have fixed the issue and booked you an appointment in Edmonton as you are eager to proceed.

Every time you speak to them, immediately send an email confirming what was said and asking them to advise by reply email if you have misunderstood anything.

Keep a log of everything you discussed that wasn’t included in the email to them - I do this by emailing myself right after the discussion so that my memory is fresh and I have a time-date stamp on the email. My caseworker was not as diligent in keeping notes so my contemporaneous (written at the same time) notes of the call were the only written record of what was discussed, so was hard for the LTD company to dispute.