Bullying and depression

I’ve been working for my employer for many years and have been bullied by my coworkers and the boss. I complained to HR with several years of this documentation and no follow up has occurred and subsequently the stress has lead to major depression.
I feel like I don’t know what course to take next as my mental health has been effected, and while I’m under the care of a psychiatrist, this neglect to address this toxic work environment is making it difficult to even get out of bed.
What resources or courses of action are available?

If you are unable to work and your GP or Psychiatrist supports you then my suggestion to you is to apply for Short Term Disability (STD) if you have coverage through work or personal. In the meantime, if your condition doesn’t improve then I would file for LTD.
On the other hand, regarding harassment and bullying that you mention,have you exhausted all the alternatives (GM, HR, Company Resources, Ministry of Labor) in reporting this ongoing issue? If no then I would encourage you to do so promptly.
If it has been reported and no one took any action to resolve the issue then you need employment lawyer to address the issue and find yourself a better work environment (if you are able to work).
Whatever you do, do not voluntarily resign prior to deciding which route is the best for you as that might to lead to more stressful situation in meeting qualification period if you decide to claim insurance STD or LTD coverage.

Call Human Rights Commission in your area. This kind of situations are usually handled by them. They will assign someone to your case who will work with you on this issue.

In situations like this you need to consider the full range of options including, human rights complaint, lawsuit for constructive dismissal and/or workplace harassment, long-term disability and possibly workers compensation and in some cases your best bet may be to just to quit and find another job.

From a disability benefits perspective, insurance companies are loath to pay claims that arise form workplace harassment. When an LTD claim is framed in this way it will often get denied. Most workers compensation programs don’t cover workplace harassment (but this is changing). Very difficult situation and you would need custom advice.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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I was experienced bullying and harassment at work, and when I reported it, the entire organization mobbed me. I was yelled at, lied to and sabotaged. I have email records and voice recordings. Workplace abuse (bullying, gaslighting, harassment) was a leading factor in causing depression, grief, low self esteem, and exacerbated chronic pain. I’ve been on LTD for about 1.5 years now and trying RTW program. Should I ask for a payout/ legal settlement?

If YOU ask then you’re at a disadvantage.
I think it usually financially better to stay on LTD.
I’d ask a lawyer though.