At what point can one stop going through their union and hire a lawyer to get resolution?

I am going through an appeal process right now, but the more I learn about this whole process and considering the responses I have had thus far from my insurance company and my employer the more I realize that it will likely end up with me getting a lawyer and going to court. I don’t know the entire process or protocol in this regard, but I am starting to get vague answers about it. I am hoping I will get a straight-forward answer here. So, at what point in the process am I permitted to walk away from my union and retain my own legal representation, or am I even permitted to? Is the process of ‘Arbitration’ the same as having a lawyer and going to court? If so, what does this look like?

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The union may be handicapped in the ways they are allowed to appeal.
I would definitely ask your union rep about if you can hire your own lawyer.

I know someone who has a union at work but hired a disability lawyer and currenly suing the insurance company.

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