A Bit of A Dilemma


I’m still on my LTD claim, but have considered early retirement… My insurer says they would just pay me out and close my claim. Otherwise they’re are starting me on a gradual return to work program in September which would run for 6 to 8 weeks. My question is can I change my mind and just put in for retirement or do I now have to do the program and return to work for awhile before putting in for retirement? I feel kind of between a “rock and a hard place” now. Though I appreciated having the insurance through my illness, I’d like to be able to free of them. I’m also seeing if my work will let me work part-time for awhile but this could effect my company pension.


You can change your mind.
I personally probably would try the return to work plan.
I understand being frustrated and wanting to rid yourself of that stress though.
At least you have options.