When CPP-D pays out

When CPP-D pays out, do I have to repay anything to medical E.I. ?

Call Service Canada.
I would guess if the retro CPP-D was for the period of EI that you would have to pay back all the EI.
I would hope the EI gets deducted from the retro CPP-D but it is the government so I doubt it is that smart.

I don’t think so as that is for EI sickness benefits and no requirement to be able to work.
CPP Disability is not listed here-just retirement CPP

When you receive other payments
The following types of income will be deducted from your EI
sickness benefits:
• other income from employment (including selfemployment),
such as commissions;
• payments received as compensation for a work accident
or an occupational illness, such as compensation for lost
• payments received under a group health insurance plan
or a group wage loss replacement plan;
• certain payments received under an accident insurance
plan to replace lost wages;
• retirement income from a retirement plan, a military or
police pension, the Canada Pension Plan, the Quebec
Pension Plan, or provincial employment-based plans;
• allowances, amounts, or other benefits paid under
provincial legislation, such as benefits under the Quebec
Parental Insurance Program.

Other types of income have no impact on your EI sickness
benefits, including:
disability benefits;
• survivor or dependent benefits;
• workers’ compensation benefits paid under specific
• additional insurance benefits paid under a private plan
approved by Service Canada (for example, payments for
pain and suffering or medical expenses that you receive
from an insurance company after you have been injured
in a car accident);
• additional sickness benefits paid by your employer from a
supplemental unemployment benefit plan (as long as the
income, benefits, and additional amounts combined do
not exceed 100% of your weekly earnings);
• sickness or disability payments received under a private
wage loss replacement plan; and
• retroactive salary increases.

yes, you may have to pay back Medical EI if the payments overlapped with the CPP retroactive payment. Service Canada will come after you for this with collections process, garnishing wages, tax returns etc.

Hi just got off the phone with EI two hours ago. Because I am receiving EI sickness and because it is CPP-D not to claim the CPP-D bennfits. This was cleared by a supervisor, If it was EI R and CPP-R the results would be different.