Voluntary buyout entitlement

I am on LTD for over 3 years as a result of an accident at work.
I’m unable to work and am on LTD, CPP disability as well as compensation.
My federally chartered employer is in the process of offering a voluntary buyout package to the employees in my old job classification.(my job when I was able to work).
Am I entitled to the same voluntary buyout offer?
I have enough years in a pension plan it would be a benefit to me to take the buyout and retire, but I am not being offered the buyout. Is my employer required to offer me the same buyout?. Discrimination?

I’m not a lawyer but it seems to me you would be especially if you’re unionized.
I would ask your union rep if you’re unionized or HR if you’re not.
If they say yes then great.
If they say no, contact Resolute for a free consult (this sounds like a case for an employment lawyer).
Good luck.