Dealing with Employment while suing LTD

Hi there,

I have a question and I do not know if anyone can answer it legally. I was on LTD until the two year mark of doing my own occupation after the two year mark my LTD has been dismissed saying i can do any occupation. I have issued a statement of claim as I am totally disabled at this time to do any occupation as per my specialists and doctors. My question is how do I deal with my employment? I received a letter for a functional abilities to return to work and I will have this filled out by my physician. Do I seek legal counsel to deal with my employment or does the lawyer who sued the LTD gets involved. I am not well to deal with this and I was wondering if anyone can offer me some good advice. I can get the function abilities filled out and I have letters stating I am totally disabled, should i just send this by registered mail or do i have someone deal with this on my behalf.

Thank you

You had to sue them to get ltd up to the 2 year mark?
I would get the free consult:

No Jammer I received the LTD for my own occupation after any occupation they denied me and I am totally disabled.

Can you get a family member to deal with this for you?
I don’t know what to suggest if you’re too sick to deal with this.
I would definitely get the free consult from and see what they say.
Ask them about CPP-D too.
Best of luck.