Undo stress caused by insurance company

can I have my wife communicate with the insurance company. I find it so stressful and I don’t deal well with their calls! It sounds to me that the insurance companies only objective is to deny claims, To pressure you to give up !! They know your medically not well but are willing to cause undo stress to people on disability.The case worker seem to ask guestion like she trying to entrap me!!! When I’ve been nothing but up front and honest with them!!


An an insurance company’s objective is to deny claims.
I would tell the insurance company that you’re not well enough to talk to them and ask them if your wife can talk to them.
See if they will agree, :slight_smile:
Good luck.

Absolutely your wife can speak for you. Also you can just request to respond by email.

You can also request a copy of your claim file for your records–see if your file is accurate

Just want to give a shout to David Brannen that of all the sites I’ve see on line that this forum and his book give a great deal of information on the matter at hand and I get the impression that he really does care and is compassionate about his work!!!

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I only communicate with my Insurance company through email or mail because of the way they treated me . They blatantly lied to me on the telephone and denied saying what they told me when asked about it at a later date. I now have a Human Rights complaint filed against them for actions that aggravated my medical condition. I also have evidence they colluded with my employer which lead to actions that caused my health to deteriorate. In the process of seeking legal advice on how to hold my employer accountable as well.


How did you start the process of communicating with the insurance throw email They seemed some what reluctant to do that but think it would be in my best interest to have them communicate with myself or wife throw email they just tend to cause me stress and every one knows that who needs that when dealing with medical problems .They don’t really seem concerned about my Heath just about my day to day activities it infuriates me! Only God and I know how much pain I’m in ever day ? Talk to the insurance company about that,why is my verbal consent not enough? I’ve only ever been honest but get a bad vibe when I do conversation with them! They expect transparency but if I asked them if they have been spying on me on line or have ever took video of me would they disclose that ? What’ if I asked to record their conversation would they say it ok and like I’m sure they do my conversation? How would they feel if on a personal level had a private investigator follow them around invading thier privacy and treating them like thier doing some kind of criminal act when their only crime is have an illness or disability! Thing that a me too revolution or something similar should be started for the insured that have be abused and raped by the insurance companies of thier dignity ,the self worth the ability even to provide for their family and of the years of money that was paid to them just for that purpose of beening protect in a time of medical crisis! Only to be denial on false pretences !Seen a report today on CBC news about a guy and his truck and what his insurance didn’t do! This happens across cross the country with all types of insurance and ever one you know has story about some one who had a bad experience wither it be medical insurance ,car or home maybe a referendum on the subject needs to be done? Had a terrible thought the other day to how many people have the insurance company push to the edge of depairty so serverly that they have opted for sucide thier has to be a statics about that what percentage of claims are denied in general. I have my pension with same company that deal with my medical insurance!! what if thousands of people start to pull out and place thier pension with another company?why would any one what to keep thier money with them if not really looking after thier best interest medical but are only concerned about their the mighty dollar and not the group policies holder over all health!! Just does not seem right at all !

  1. Don’t take their conduct personally.
  2. Know that Insurers look first for ways to not pay a claim before paying
  3. Don’t worry about what they say, just focus on what you can prove
  4. You can record their calls, you do not need to tell them. Use it to make notes of the calls-if challenged on your notes-then let them know ts from the tapes.

One tactic of Insurers is to wear you down by repeated requests for forms, repeated phone calls, surveillance.
They are hoping you will then start acting unreasonable, write poisonous letters, mis-speak out of frustration.

YOU MUST AT ALL TIME TAKE THE HIGH ROAD-unfair but let them hang themselves with their own rope–don’t be baited by them.

You have a right to have a copy of your claim file. Just send in by email or by fax or by registered mail. So you can prove service. Keep it simple:

I am requesting a full and complete copy of my claim file and all related documents from (date) to(date)
This is for my records.


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thanks for great advise , just venting! Woman at mothering laws work breast cancer and she had one treatment of kimmo and they want her to go back to work it floors me!!! Going to get her information to your legal service

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If your legit don’t worry…Period Take life day to day stress kills When your ready go back to work if you can’t. You can’t…Keep communications with Doc Honest Just answer there question"s to best of knowledge relax…If your truly disabled don’t worry I find stressing is worrying about being cut off …Yes being off gets addictive and isn’t the best thing to do but if you have to what can you do…Makes us lazy being off payed for sleeping etc dream life If I could work id luv to …Just Saying

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[quote=“BigJoe, post:9, topic:1108”]
…Makes us lazy being off payed for sleeping etc dream life If I could work id luv to …Just Saying

There is no dream life being off of work due to disability. Disabled folks are not lazy.

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That what I’m saying…I’m just pointing out jmo that if your hurt disabled etc Your legit don’t stress People But saying if I could work I would luv to even though I have good income Disability is bad I no but keep positive goes a long way I respect every ones replies and answers

Don’t bring more stress then needed all I’m saying Luv you all …Disability makes us lazy I no I have been but I try to press on and not let things get yo me …

Love ya BigJoe! I misread…mybad!

Did you get a copy of your file?If so how long did it take?

I did receive a copy fairly quick…they should send within 30 days

My case manager told me to fax a letter in order to receive,and said it takes 30 days to get it which I think is a long time.

Indeed it’s a long time. Sorry it’s fristrating. The flip side is that in my experience, they also give 30 days for us to provide info. Shorter timelines would add stress… I’m glad to have 30 days to give info even if it means taking up to 30 to get info.

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Sorry… I didn’t realiZe how old this thread was

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