Thanks, question answered!


Thanks, question answered!


Yes, the contract to pay LTD is between you and the insurer.


Thanks, question answered!


I don’t think that is true.
Where did you hear it?
Your LTD group insurance coverage will end but if you have already been approved for LTD then I think that is safe.
I think the typical advice is never to quit voluntarily.


Your employment status is independent of your right to make a disability claim. The only important thing is that you make a disability claim while you were actively at work with your employer. After that, the employment status is not relevant to the disability claim in most cases, unless your disability plan is owned and administered by your employer (as opposed to being a group disability insurance plan). In these situations, you always need to get custom legal advice because things can be very fact specific.

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Thanks, question answered!


Your premiums are paid by your LTD insurer. Your employment and your LTD insurance are two different contracts.

When you are on LTD and your employer decides to terminate your employment, you’ll still continue receiving your LTD benefits.

You can choose to sue your employer for different reasons like violation of your human right as a person with disability or for wrongful termination if you wish to do so.

Anyways you’ll continue to remain on LTD.
With terminated employment you may lose your extended health benefits and pension contributions by your employer.

We talked about this on the forum a lot previously.