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1, 2: you can ask. It would be even better if you had a doctor saying you need it. Your chances are better getting accommodation from a large company.

  1. The “any occupation” means you can’t do any type of job for any employer that is relative to your education and training (eg. No Walmart greeter for a doctor). I think the new job must be 60% of your current salary.
    There are lots of threads on the forum about this.
    Hopefully @David_Brannen will correct me where I am wrong.
    I’m not a lawyer.

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You can review this document to get an overview on an employers duty to accommodate. Jammer gives excellent advice in that you would need your Doctor or other medical provider to provide what your restrictions or limitations would be with returning to work.

Your employer will have a duty to make reasonable accommodataions if you can demonstrate a permenant disability that requires accommodations. Jammer is right that you will need to have this request documented by your doctors. They will need to describe the ongoing impairments or limitations that require accommodation. Your employer then does a review and will let you know what is possible form their perspective. You can give your suggestions as well. If you disagree with what they offer you for accommodations, you can potentially challenge their decision via the collective agreement process (if you are in a union) and or the human right commission.

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