Special tax calculation not applied to 2018 return from LTD insurer?

I just got my NOA for the 2018 tax return, and although they did a special tax calculation for the CPP-D lump sum payment I received last year (after appealing the initial denial), they did not do the same with my much bigger LTD settlement, although I attached the QRLSP form provided to me from the insurer with the breakdown for the previous years. There was no explanation given as to why CRA didn’t take this into account. Has anyone else run into this issue? I now owe a significant amount, but am not sure if I request a reassessment or what. ACK.

I would start by calling the CRA helpline and asking why it wasn’t split between the years per the form you submitted. When I had a problem with their calculations for my RRSP I called and they just issued a corrected NOA.

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Thanks, @Caro! I wasn’t sure if for some reason they couldn’t ‘do’ more than one special tax calculation, but that wouldn’t make sense - it is what it is, after all. I’ll give them a shout. I did make a copy of the form, but of course sent in the original.