Short term to longterm

im currently a Manager supervising unionized workers, im off on short term dis but now insurer says i must go on long term. They asked if i can go back P/T time but i would have to step down as a manager and go to a P/T position unionized employee but i would lose all my managers benefits and a my salaried position and be a 28 hour p/t employee.
questions - ----

  1. can my employer or ins company force me back to work and at a lower position and pay?
    2)im waiting to see my orthopedic surgeon im still injured from my duties i was performing , does the Doctor determine when and if i can return to work?
  2. who pays for all the doctors letters the insurance company wants my doctor charges 50.00 per.?
  3. Should i be weary of signing any documents from the insurer?
    5)i was prepared To go back p/t time but there is no position or p/t manager position can the insurer force my employer to make a p/t position of modified employment for me to do?

ty appreciate any help


You will need to carefully check your LTD policy but usually there’s an “own occupation” period when you are considered disabled if you can’t do your own job. Usually after a period of time it switches to “any occupation”, often after one or two years. But there are restrictions on what counts as “any occupation” - it has to be suitable for your education and experience and wouldn’t include the stereotypical job flipping burgers if you were management level.

I was warned by the company to not go part time, because if I did end up on LTD after that it would have lowered the income that the insurance would replace.

There is also the fundamental question of whether you are capable of doing either job at all right now.

I might ask for the free consultation with Resolute Legal here for some advice specific to your situation.

1&2 depend on your policy.
3. Be careful what you sign.