Severence as income to LTD

My policy states that LTD is entitled to offset any additional income including a severance package. My severance is calculated in terms of the 29 years that I worked prior to receiving LTD. I think it is one week of income for every year I worked. I can’t get my head around this - just seems unfair.
If I get a severance package which I am told I will (via HR) if I don’t return to work within a certain time and my employer terminates me. Can I just cancel my LTD at that time and then take my work pension afterwards or is the insurance company still entitled to that money?

Does your policy specifically say they can offset severance?
At most I think they should only get severance for the years you were getting LTD.

Sounds reasonable but ask a lawyer.

There is no way they can terminate your LTD …First off find out if you were paying 100% ,50% of your Ltd benefits at work.I’m sure you no by now ,when you do taxes if you pay 100% on you’re own from work deduction .If you pay 100% You pay no taxes .50%you will pay 50% of taxes …Another way to find out …Then for LTD can’t be terminated its only can be by your insurer period.Relax these people like scaring people to get them off sooner that’s there JOB RELAX Extra stress never helps