Does severance impact LTD

My policy says that severance is exempt from offset so I’m not worried about that but I am worried about my employers requirement that I sign a release of all claims. There is some discrimination so I know they want me to release the human rights claim but does releasing all claims mean that I release my eligibility for ongoing LTD? I’ve been receiving LTD for just over 3 years and while I want work again I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work full time again for a while. It’s a non taxable claim so the employer didn’t pay the premiums but it is their group plan. I’m in BC and will seek legal advice before signing anything but I was just wondering. I’m trying to go back on a graduated return but my employer is offering severance instead for a “fresh start” - because they don’t want to accomodate me. The first time I tried to go back in a graduated return they refused to consider any accomodation which is why I filed a discrimination claim to begin with. I do want to go back because the job is familiar and I found it too overwhelming when I tried to work with a new employer but I worry that it may be too toxic to work for my employer with the human rights claim pending and the fact they really don’t want me there. Thanks.

I don’t the answer.
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If it does include cancelling your LTD and since they won’t accommodate you, make sure it costs them a lot. :slight_smile: