Request for voluntary federal income tax deduction

Hi , does anyone know where I send the forms for this income tax deduction in Southern Ontario? Is it Scarborough ontario? I live in Hamilton ontario and my postal code starts with “L” thanks !

For postal codes beginning with “L, M or N”
Service Canada
PO Box 5100 Station D
Scarborough ON M1R 5C8

If you can get to your local service Canada office, they would probably accept it.


Ok thanks Jammer ! I thought it was this address but wanted to be certain, I was unsure because the CPP Disability office is in Chatham Ontario. This site is great with all the information I can refer too !

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I thought that I had to mail it somewhere but didn’t know if it was to CPPD or CRA. I finally got through on the telephone to CPPD and they made the deduction that I requested, on my behalf.

Oh that’s good to know ! Thank you EllieMae :+1:t2:

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I was thinking 10% ? To be taken off every month? Not sure about this stuff :woman_facepalming:

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Glad that I could help. The menu process is annoying but eventually you get to where you need to be. I couldn’t decide between 10 - 15% so I asked for 12%. Hopefully that will be enough.

When you think of how much they give us that 10% would be enough, it will cut our monthly payment way down .

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Yes it will. I decided that I’d rather receive money back at income tax time than get an ugly notice saying that I owed. If it’s too much and doesn’t leave me with enough to live on, I ask them to adjust it.

That’s a good idea :+1:t2:

Hi Kim, If your objective is to know what your after-tax monthly income really is so that you don’t overspend or underspend, I don’t think you can rely on recommended % deductions from anyone who doesn’t know your personal and financial situation in depth (i.e. your income, province, credits, dependents, CPPD lump sum, etc., etc). Since you don’t have an idea of what amount, if any, to have deducted from your CPPD, then I assume you don’t prepare your own annual income tax returns. The person who prepares your tax returns should be able to easily tell you what amount, if anything, you should have deducted from your CPPD. If you need help, and happen to have a low income, I believe there are tax clinics going on right now across Canada offered free of charge by Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s). These folks are experts in Canadian taxation, and they should not be confused with tax preparers who have taken brief courses in income taxes where their main business in providing instant refunds. There are also wonderful, non-profit agencies who provide similar services to disabled taxpayers.


Ok thank you Joanne , I will look into this . This stuff is so confusing :woman_facepalming:

Hi Joanne, thks for posting, this would be a godsend for me, very badly needed. Wondering if you can share the names of some of these non-profits or how I might go about finding this info. Thanks!

Maybe phone and ask the CRA?

Hi Oki,

Jammer - you are on the right track!!! CRA has a list of some of these organizations on their website. Check out the CRA website to find a tax preparation clinic in your area.

I think Allyoops? posted something quite a while ago from Disability Alliance BC (DABC) on an unrelated topic which prompted me to look at the DABC website. I saw they had a tax clinic. While I don’t see them on the CRA list right now, they are a non-profit organization in BC and they have a year-round tax clinic to help disabled people who are on government assistance (PWD). This particular clinic probably won’t help most folks reading this forum, however I learned quite a bit from the Disability Alliance BC Website about related topics like the Disability Tax Credit and CPPD. This is a non-profit organization and appears to be very well supported by industry, government and the law society.

I think you want a disability specific clinic.
I would contact that if you’re in bc. :slight_smile: