Net amount in cpp-d payment info

How come on my Service Canada website under my payment amounts and the top it says Net amount when they don’t take anything like tax off ? Shouldn’t it say Gross amount ? Just curious .

You are correct.
I don’t know if they still display the gross amount when they take tax off (I don’t have tax taken off either).

I’m just waiting to get tax taken off , but think it’s weird that they show the net income when nothing is coming off :woman_shrugging:

It is net after 0% tax is taken off. :slight_smile:

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I will have tax taken off unfortunately , as I don’t want a tax bill. Seems crazy having to pay tax on below poverty income though :woman_facepalming:

I haven’t had it for a year so I’m hoping I won’t owe.

Do you have the disability tax credit?

No I don’t . I’m sure how it works, I do have the forms for it and it looks like there’s part of it for my husband to claim me ? :woman_shrugging: When I thought it was for me so I don’t have to pay taxes on my disability payments.

Meant to say I’m NOT sure how it works

I think you get a deduction on your income tax.
It might make your payable tax $0.
Even if it doesn’t benefit you, I think it can be transferred to a working spouse.
It is worth getting.
It would enable you to open an RDSP.

Thanks Jammer I will apply for this after I’m done applying for the stuff through my work :+1:t2: