Rehabilitation program

I recently was approved by Canada Life for disability with a return date of Jan 2022. I had a phone meeting with the rehab specialist to set up a back to work plan- physio etc… My predicament is that I am travelling to a different province in a couple of weeks for a couple of months. Can I proceed with the rehab plan in a different province even though I live elsewhere ?

Congrats on being approved and going back to work.
I’m not a lawyer.
I would normally suggest you talk to the rehab specialist BUT I’d be worried about them concluding that since you’re well enough to travel that you’re well enough to work.
Hopefully you’ll get other comments. :slight_smile:

You will need to figure out a way to do it while traveling, or else not travel. I have a rehab program starting soon that is 100% remote and could be done from anywhere. Or you may be able to find the appropriate professionals in your destination.