Recouping child support payments deducted from LTD from cpp lump sum payment

Is it possible to recoup child support payments deducted from my Private LTD from the lump sum payment made to the insurance company by CPP disability?

I think you need a lawyer.
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I can’t think of any reason the insurer would not want it.
Maybe your policy exempts child support payments.

If the support payments had been coming off the top of my CPP disability the my private insurer would have had to top up that amount also.

I think you have that wrong. Money directed to your kid for child support is just paying your debt, and counts as having been paid to you since it reduces the amount of debt you owe for child support.

Don’t believe that I had anything wrong!
I was asking the question.

So basically my private insurer recouped some of the money they lost in the deal but I can’t recoup the money that I lost.

I meant wrong about your private insurer having to top up any child support that was deducted from your CPP. If it was paid out of your CPP the private insurer would still get to deduct it in full, as money you received, since it went to repay your debt.

I think so.
It is similar to taxes, the insurance company gets pre-tax money as a back payment but the person might have to pay tax on the money that went to the insurance company.
Not all LTD is taxable though.

O.k. so CPP disability is exempt from being garnished for child support payments.
Could I theoretically ask for a portion of the support payments deducted from my Private LTD?

I don’t see how. Your child would have to pay back the insurer for that to work…

My children also get lump sum payments from my CPP disability as there are separate child of a disabled parent benefit.

I don’t think the insurance company should get those.
I would hope when the Service Canada tells the insurance company what the lump sum is that they only include your portion (this assumes you gave SC permission to talk to the insurance company).

My children live with me and they’re mother lives from their child support payments and child tax.

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