Record of Employment (ROE) - voluntary resignation while on LTD - query


I was on LTD and recently resigned from employment as a condition to accept LTD lump-sum.

At the time I resigned, employer informed that I will receive Record of Employment (ROE) from them. It has been more than 2 months and I have not received it and did not find ROE in my Service Canada account online. I wrote to them and no response for more than 4 weeks.

I am looking to have ROE for my records as proof of employment over 12 years, if there is a need for it in future.

As I was on LTD for long time, there was no insurable earning and interruption in earnings necessitating employer reporting to Service Canada towards EI. However, looking in to Service Canada website regarding ROE, there is a mention that “Employer must issue ROE when an employee is no longer on the employer’s active employment list”.

I wish to know:-

  1. Are ROEs necessary as proof of employment when leaving an employer? There are no records beyond my LTD date that captures the start and end date of employment. Considering my health, I do not foresee returning to work in the near future but as 65 is still farther away, I wish to know if ROE is important document to maintain for our records as proof of employment.

Thanks very much.

Better to get it now while the business is still around than to find out you need it when nobody is there to help. Try contacting the person who negotiated the settlement for the employer, maybe ask if their failure to issue an ROE means that they have refused your resignation. :smile:

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Thanks Caro.
Resignation and settlement went through. Only that I did not get ROE. I wanted to know if ROE is mandatory to be issued when employee leaves voluntarily.

Yes, it is mandatory for every ‘interruption of earnings’. I suggested contacting the person who negotiated for the employer with that message because then it would reach the person who wanted you to resign and get their attention that they had failed to complete the transaction.