Re/ Not Accommodated but not Terminated

Im under a collective agreement. My LTD was terminated at COD and an assessment performed which said that I could do an accommodated version of my old job. The employer disagreed and pushed things down 8 months to a year for re-evaluation. I have a degenerative illness (stenosis) and in one year will have 3 months untill Im 65. This looks an awful lot like a termination to me in which case severence would be payable? Or does my union contract put me under another set of rules? (Its also odd that the City’s return to work specialist had discussed what else I might be able to do but responded to the “no accomodaton” letter by saying that she too would follow up with me in 8 months to a year’s time). …somewhere in there-- there is a hustle going on…I had gotten the information that its not legal to just put an employee “on ice.”

Talk to your union leader.
You may have to go through them to get legal representation.
It depends on the wording of the CBA.

If you don’t get an answer from your union then:

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So the LTD insurer thinks you can do your job with accommodations, so they want to stop paying you. Employer disagrees and “pushed things down” for 8 to 12 months, and then they’ll revaluate. What does that mean? Are you being paid by LTD for these 8 to 12 months? Who’s paying you?

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nobody save for CPP. Kind of a crafty termination but Im 64 and Im being told by my rep that it’s cheaper to just buy you out at that age than engage in a litigation. Being old is good for somethig turns out… :grin:

Still not sure what you are saying. Doesn’t sound like the LTD insurer is paying you and I’m not sure if you are saying the employer want to “buy you out” meaning given you a sum of money to just retire early. Are you still looking for information on this site for your situation?

kind of in a “wait and see” mode now, but always interested in seeing how others are making out with these types of claims. Regards cjc

I think the insurer is not paying and the only income is CPP?