Question regarding job change while on medical return to work plan

If you are on a return to work plan at your current job but are offered a job with a different employer, is it advisable to take it. The reason I ask is that the insurance company and current employer are making it a living hell but there is a great benefits plan and I worry that if I reinjury or twig the previous injury it may not be covered by new benefits. Any help appreciated.

Thank you

You can always change jobs. Your current LTD claim is not tied to your current employment. If you have a relapse after going with new employer then you could re start your current LTD claim if you are still in the covered relapse period set out in your Policy (usually 4-6 months).

The downside of changing jobs is that once you pass relapse period for current claim you may not qualify to make new claim under new employer LTD plan until you have worked continuously for a year or two.