Parents not sharing DTC

I got ma DTC certificate approved last year and I transferred credit to my parents

Now this year they are being shady and not talking to me about how much they received from the tax refund etc and not offering to share with me

I have a question can i call the CRA and ask them to cut my parents off from automatically benefiting from my DTC ? Cause apparnetly they did their taxes online and it was easy for them to claim the DTC amount cause I transfered the previous year

It just doesnt feel right

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I think there would be a way to revoke the transfer.
BUT I think you had to certify you are dependent on them to do the transfer.
I don’t know if you can revoke the transfer, call CRA.
If you are dependent on your parents, is this a fight you really want to have?

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Welcome to the world of negotiations. Without you, they get nothing. Without them, you get nothing.

I would go to them and ask for half, split 50/50. They have the upper hand though. If they say “No, we want all 100% of it”, then you really don’t have any way to counter that. You could say “Fine, then I’ll revoke it and you get nothing”… but then your parents could say “If you do that, then we’ll cut off your cell phone and netflix”. Basically, you can’t win.

If your parents are providing all your support for you (rent, food, clothing, cell phone, internet, etc) then I would tread lightly. Start with 50%. Know your cards before you make a move.

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