Not finished treatment and entering cod

Wonder if anyone has experience with this and can comment?

I’m 90 days (July) from 2 years and COD. In February it was determined I need a different treatment ie. a surgery to be able to properly function and return to my own occupation. Forwarded the diagnostic assessment to advisor.

Haven’t heard back from my advisor and in fact was notified in March I would have a different advisor temporarily.

I’m still waiting on the health system for this surgery and running out of time!! Is there any hope will extend me if I’m able to have surgery before July COD cut off? I would expect the rehab would be 5-6 months post op.

thank you!

If you need the surgery to be able to work then presumably you will still be disabled after the COD date. Your file is probably a low priority until after the surgery.

Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the fresh perspective and am hoping I’m a low priority for them at the moment.

I’m in a physically demanding occupation and being pushed into sedentary work which pays 60%. I was forced to attend a FCE which had been scheduled prior to the revised treatment plan.