Medical Retirement - Sunlife topup

Hi all,

I’ve had to take medical retirement after working in the federal government for 28 years. (neurological disorder)

For the last 10 years at the government I’ve been a full time employee working a reduced work week, meaning I have paid into my pension at the full rate which benefits my pension amount when I did retire of course,

I’m grateful that Sunlife will give me a small top up until I reach 65 to offset my early retirement reduced penalty however they are using my 2008 gross salary to calculate (the time I started with Sunlife)

has anyone experienced something like this case? Sunlife going back to your salary 12 years ago for the calculation, I was told by someone at Sunlife that this is the way it is even if you are working in the federal government while receiving disability, She told me that I should have stopped Sunlife at one point and then restarted with a waiting period and they would have been using my newer salary or close to it. (a difference of 25kish gross)

Thanks for any feedback folks

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reduced pension?
Do you have “medical retirement” which I don’t think is reduced?

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Thanks Jammer you are correct, pension gave me the wrong info

Check the wording of your policy – not a summary or brochure but the actual insurance contract. It may say that your LTD benefits are based on ‘original’ salary or ‘pre-disability’ salary. If it says benefits are based on current or most recent salary you should ask them to recalculate. Hope this helps.

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I chuckled when I read that, MY only salary is pre-disability.

That’s not helpful. :frowning:

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