Lump sum in a divorce

Does LTD or CPPD have any claim if a person gets a lump sum of money from an ex partner

You mean as income? Generally not unless they were also your employer. It’s only income from working that counts, and not income from investments, inheritances, things like that. Check your LTD policy for a complete list of what they can deduct.

Thank you I will check the policy

I am heading back to mediation against my former employer again and have a couple questions if someone can answer them ? Firstly , can I request damages over and above the set amount under the Human Rights Act and will any possible settlement at mediation affect my Disability Insurance ? Thank you .

There are usually no situations I can think of where a divorce settlement will impact CPP disability or LTD payments. It would have to be listed as an offset in your LTD policy, which I have not ever seen to be the case. But technically could be possible if it was listed. CPPD is only concerned with income from employment.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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